Wednesday, March 16, 2011

after 1 1/2 weeks home.....

Will discovered PillowPets. He saw a commercial and went around the house patting his chest saying "pi-yo" and it finally dawned on us what he was talking about. :-) So of course we headed right off to Walmart to let him pick out his own.
 It's been so nice out so we got the kids out on the trampoline. Yay! They love it. Will keeps getting Joshua to take him out there during the day.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

We Are Home!

Friday night at 10:00 pm we finally were home. The worst part of adopting, for me anyway, is the LONG trip home. Sitting on an airplane for 15 hrs with a new child. A layover in NJ that lasted 6 hours. Then a teeny tiny airplane that had to circle for an extra 1/2 hour at Mitchell Field cuz it was foggy/snowy/rainy and there was a slowdown with the 3 planes in front of us.


We are home! It's been fun getting William used to things we do here. Including dogs (!) , weird food, people coming and going. Now we shall start with doctor appointments. And I want him to meet our family and friends. He is just a joy to have in our family. Liberty is such a wonderful big sister. M,J, and J love him too. The boys think he is hilarious when he gets in his "acting up".

We had such a nice trip. We were there, in Guangzhou, with 8 other Madison Adoption Associate families. Our guide Connie was absolutely FANTASTIC! All of our appointments, re: our kids physicals, to all the paperwork, to the actual CA, she took care of. We had alot of good food. We got together at Lucy's Diner for meals sometimes. It's a little diner type restaurant that they "try" to make American food. We enjoy the effort and can eat relatively familiar food. :-) Libby and I were big on their grilled cheese. Mmmmm.

Connie took the group out to a traditional Chinese restaurant, and she ordered for us what she thought we'd like. She asked if it was ok to order their famous roasted pidgeon (squab? or something like that). So we had that, of course tea, fried rice, spicy chicken dish, fried pork and scallions (it looked like deep fried bacon), and some other dishes i don't remember. There was orange slices and guava slices for dessert. All very very nice.

Life is good!

Sometimes I wonder how/why God has blessed me so greatly. I have such a great group of people in my life!!!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

What day is it even??????

Last day here. I wasn't sure if it was Thursday or Friday, but it's Wednesday. hehe. Must be because of OMOT syndrome ( old mom of toddler).

We are off to take the Red Couch photo then to dinner.

William got a haircut today. The gal was just trimming a tiny bit, and Brian motioned to cut of his Elvis sideburns, and she said "oh, girl?" lol Poor Will!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

CA today....all done!

This morning was our consulate appointment. It went so smoothly and quickly. First we took the oath, the the gal called our name and she went through our paperwork. That's it. They tell you there is an interview, but it was absolutely nothing. She asks friendly questions like how is he doing, and that type of thing. Nothing at all. We're done! Will is ours! He is definately going to be a wonderful addition to our family. :-) The big kids love the whole skyping thing. :-)
We get his visa tomorrow and then we are going by van to Hong Kong on Thursday morn, and our flight leaves from there Friday morn. So it is looking like we might walk around HK Disney, the free part tho!
Then HOME! Yay!!!