Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Time for an update

Mmmm, blue frosting is AWESOME!
Here it is, the end of August and we have had such a wonderful, busy summer with William!
We just had our 6 month post=placement visit from our social worker and everything is going so well!!

Will had his urology surgery 2 weeks ago, and it's all good! Next is his hand surgery. That was suppose to happen in Sept., But the gal is not returning my calls to schedule!

He grew 1" and gained 1.5 lbs! Yay William! He knows that "W" stands for William (thanks to his teacher, Liberty!) He used to say "T" was for William because his name in China started with a T. He also knows that "L" is for Libby.

In a couple weeks we will start Cricket class! Thats a Saturday morning class that teaches Chinese language, culture and dance. (we aren't signed up for dance).

I thank God every day for this sweet little boy that I am blessed to raise! *as well as my other kids and hubby!!*