Thursday, April 28, 2011


William in his and Libby's fort

Brothers <3
Friday, April 22 we had William's MRI done to check for tethered cord. That came back great, but he does have a lipoma on his spial column/cord. Something. The doctor said it's a benign (?) fatty-tissue tumor. It shouldn't be a problem but we should see a neurosurgeon to get his opinion.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Palm Sunday

Will is really learning to sit during church. He can sit by me or on my lap if he's not loud. But as soon as he is loud, he has to sit by daddy. Then if he continues, daddy takes him to sit in the foyer. There are chairs with windows that look in at the pastor so it's not like he can play. Then when he;s quiet he can come sit by mommy. :-)

Lately I'd say he is starting to have some sadness. Sometimes when I look into his eyes, they seem sad. He has started being defiant too. It's something new for him. He hasn't pooped in his pants without coming to me either before, during, or right after, he goes in his pull-up and tells me "momma, potty" in the 6 weeks we've been home. He has started being mean to us (more hitting, yelling, taking Libby's things, etc) and sneaky in things. Today for lunch the kids had leftovers (one of Will's favorites - a ham, potato, cheese casserole) and when Libby finished , she wanted some ramen noodles. Of course William wanted some than. Anything Libby has, he wants. :-) So he got a bowl as well. :-) Libby finished and went to play, William, very slyly, pushed his bowl off the table and , viola, he was done too!

Ah, the joys of mommyhood! I wouldn't trade it for the world!!!!!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Orthopedic and Craniofacial - done

Yesterday we had an orthopedic appointment where they took some x-rays of Will. His spine looks great - the one nurse thought he might have a slight curvature of his spine- but nope. Yay! :-) They also took some x-rays of his arm and hand. He doesn't have a radial bone in his right forearm and there is no thumb. Very very classic for VACTERL syndrome. We will meet with the hand surgeon in May. I think Will will probably have "pollinizacion" (something like that....that was off the top of my head tho) where they will make the forefinger into a thumb so he can have the ability to grasp. I think there is something they can do for the missing radial bone too.

Then we saw the cranialfacial doc regarding his cleft lip/ palette. He actually had a very good surgery in China, but the uvula is pretty funky. Well see the whole cleft lip/pallet team in about a year and they will be able to decide what could be done, if anything. We have a hard time understanding alot of Will's words so that gives him time to learn more of his sounds.

Here is a picture of the whole family...FINALLY! We are never all together long enough to get a picture so I brought my camara to church. Even there I have to act quickly because we usually take 3 cars cuz everyones going in different directions afterward! :-)

And here's one of William...he just loves ice cream cones!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Medical Appointments are beginning

Here is a recap of the past medical appointments William has had, and the upcoming ones.

First of all, we saw the pediatrician 5 days after we had gotten home. All was basically fine there and we decided to get a stool sample and have blood work done. At the Dr.s lab, they poked him a couple times and couldn't get a vein so they had us got to Children's Hospital of Wisconsin. I decided to wait until I had an appointment with the International Adopted Children's clinic through the hospital in case they wanted blood for something else - that way he didn't have to be stuck over and over.
Some spring fun on the trampoline

I had the appointment with the nurse there for a "Welcome Home Appointment" (how cute) on March 21st abd I received a list of the doc's we will see....
-general surgery
-cl/p drs (cranial/facial)

We went to the lab that day and had his blood took 2 tries before they foind a vein that would give up some blood. That next Friday my doc called and told me the newborn screen they do came back abnormal and he's got "organic acidemia". We have to have bloodwork done again. :-(

I have the appts made, except we will also need an appt at the hand clinic at Froedert Hospital, but I'm going to wait and catch my breath.

March 31st, we went to the urology clinic. The Pediatrician thought he noticed a hernia so that was first on the list. He doesn't have a hernia, but he does have chordee and his test*cles need to get "tacked" down.

Next we went to get an ultrasound of his kidney. Made sure that there was only one (yup). Then we went to Cardiology. He had an echo cardiogram done and the heart doc said his CHD was GREAT! Both holes closed and there is an issue with his aorta where it's shaped funky, but we will do an echo every other year and watch it.

Both excellent news!

This Wednesday we have genetics and general.Then Monday the 11th, we have cranial/facial and orthopedics.
Here is my beautiful Megan and her guy Tyler. Aren't they cute??