Monday, March 31, 2014

Time for a blog update

I see it's been about 2 years since I updated my blog. Whether anyone ever reads it or not, it's really nice for me to be able to go back and see where we've been, what we've done.

A year ago, William had his right index finger repositioned to be where his right thumb should be. We've had months of therapy, and he is doing pretty good with it. :-) It will never be as strong or bendable as his other one, but all-in-all, I thinks it is good. We've also seen a holistic doc for him and found out he has a gluten sensitivity.

He is having a wonderful kindergarten year! I love Big Bend Elementary!! Liberty is in 4th grade there too. She is doing excellent and is one of the smartest kids. She loves helping her teacher, Mrs. Johnson, and has made some great friends.

Our really big news this year is we'll be moving to TEXAS! After school gets out in June is when we'll head down. My 3 big kids adult children, will not be coming so that will be very very very hard on us. Meg will also keep Eli up here. We will miss miss our families too. We had talked about this a little bit a year ago or so, and I am sooo thankful that we did not, as I would have missed the last moments of my dad's life. Thank you Jesus.

So, Brian got offered a position with his company's new plant in Mexico and it seems they want him to start as soon as possible. Him and I get to go down on Thursday of this week to look around and check it out before we give them our answer, which, God willing, will be yes.

But I am SO thankful for this crazy, wonderful adventure that is upon us and we are able to experience it!!

In other news:
-I turned 50 last November
- We are taking our first Disney trip next November for a Disney 1/2 marathon! Woohoo! Better get training!
-we finally found a small bible study group that we absolutely love - only to have to leave it. :*) (that sad and happy, bittersweet, you get the picture)
-I got a seasonal job at Kohls last November and was able to keep it and I LOVED it! It is/was so me. I haven't quit yet but soon.
-Joe graduated from MSOE last spring and has a very good job now. Megan is seeing a wonderful young man, Tom, whom she really really likes, and Josh is finishing up his 3rd year at Trinity International University - on the dean's list!!