Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Recent pics

William's got 2 favorite Christmas Carols, Silent Night and Away in the Manger. At our Christmas Eve service, we had a candle light service - yes, Brian did let Will hold a candle!- and a family who had a new baby dressed up as Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus and walked to the front as we sang those carols. A couple nights ago, he put a cloth napkin on his head, and said he was "Away in the manger daddy" and Gus was baby Jesus. LOL, He is so precious! What a joy to this old momma!
Here is our little craft project for preschool he did this morning. We are homeschooling preschool and just going through some speech therapy, colors, letter and number recognition. I got some pre-phonics booklets but we are needing to learn things before we can start them, like same/different, and small motor skills.

At church last weekend, Will was so cute. After church, he runs to all the teenage girls to get hugs. Everyone just loves him so much!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

A message from a child once an orphan

Not sure if these will work. They are the same youtube video, just trying to get it posted.